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FAQ's about rental periods

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How long can I rent?

Rental periods can be as short as 1 day and as long as 4 weeks! You can submit an offer for up to 90 days out. Please make sure you are choosing an end date when you will be available for the return

How is price calculated?

Owners price items assuming a 4-7 day rental period (most common). If a rental period is longer than 7 days, the price will begin to increase based on the pro-rated daily price.

Why can't I submit a lower price?

Offers can be submitted for as low as 75% of the listed rental price. This is to protect Owners from receiving extremely low offers they will not consider. If you would like to offer a lower price, you can send the Owner a message asking them if they are willing to drop their price

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes! If you need your rental for longer than the agreed period, reach out to the owner for approval. They may request additional payment for the extended dates.

Why can't I select Courier delivery times after the start date?

Courier delivery times can only be selected on or before the start of the rental period to ensure the Renter receives the item on time. If both parties agree to a next day delivery, please reach out to Pickle Support to move the the rental start date back

Why can't I select later Courier return times?

Renters are able to schedule Courier returns on the last day of the rental period, or up to one day in the future if the item is already late. If both parties agree to a later return, please reach out to Pickle Support to move the rental end date back

Why can't I select my desired dates?

If you can't select your preferred dates, the item is likely already reserved or the Owner is on vacation. You can always shoot the Owner a message to see if there is any flexibility around their other commitments!

Are there late fees?

Late fees are charged at the request of the Owner. Learn more here!

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