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Late Items
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How are late fees calculated?

Late fees are prorated on a daily pro-basis (i.e. $50 rental / 7 would be daily late fees of $7.14 per day) and charged each day until a return is scheduled.

When can I charge late fees?

We do not automatically charge late fees since many times the Owner and Renter are communicating about a return. We encourage Owners to give a one day grace period after the end of the rental period, but then will begin charging upon request!

How can I charge late fees and how long are late fees charged? What happens next?

Our policy is to charge late fees for 7 days. After an item is 7 days late, the Owner can choose to mark it as stolen and charge the renter the full retail value of the item, and items over a retail value of $1,000 can be marked as stolen at the 5 day mark. Please note, if you mark it as stolen then you will not receive the item back. Our team can continue to charge late fees and reach out to the Renter after the 7 day period if the Owner hopes to have their item returned (most common).

What if I need an extension on my rental?

Plans change! To avoid late fees, reach out to the Owner for a rental extension. They may request additional payment. Being up front about a return time is best for all parties

When will I see the late fees in my account?

Late fees will be added to an Owners account after the item is returned. Late fees are subject to the same 20% fee as rentals. This fee allows the Pickle team to use resources to get in touch with the Renter and help facilitate the return

Can I charge late fees for a past rental that was returned late?

No, late fees cannot be requested on a past rental that has already been returned.

I'm sick or had an emergency, how can I avoid late fees?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances come up, and the best way to avoid a late fee would be to communicate with the Owner about needing a rental extension! Some Owners may require more details (such as a doctor's note), and if needed, these details can be sent to Pickle and cascaded to Owners to protect privacy!

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