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Damage and repairs

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Accidents happen! Let us guide you with some helpful tips.

It is important to note that on a rental platform, clothing that is worn will have natural signs of wear. Start here with our guide to see where the damage may fit!

Please note, the Pickle team will not review a damage case until normal cleaning has been completed

Signs of Wear-

  • Deodorant Marks

  • Slight staining at the bottom of a long dress

  • Perfume

  • Small, washable stains

  • Stretching

  • Dirty soles/small scuffs

  • Slight loss of beading

  • Minimal pilling in fabric

  • Creasing/wrinkles

Signs of Damage-

  • Large rips

  • Stains that are not removed

  • Removal of embellishments

  • Removal of ties/clasps/straps

  • Broken heels

  • Item is deformed

  • Item is lost of stolen

My item came back damaged

  • If your item was returned damaged, the Renter is liable for up to 5x the rental price in repairs. This could cover fees from the tailor/seamstress to fix rips, holes, removed embellishments, broken straps, etc.

    • We suggest reaching out to the Renter ASAP with damage concerns to start the reconciliation process, but feel free to reach out to us as well with photos of the damage so we can help.

  • If your item is damaged beyond repair, the Renter is liable for the replacement cost of the item.

  • Please report damage to Pickle within 48 hours after your item is returned to ensure compensation for damages

I damaged an item

  • Be clear and honest on the damage as soon as you see it! It's natural to have accidents here and there, and the owner will appreciate the honesty and communication.

  • Help the Owner come up with an action plan on fixing the damage in the most efficient way possible. Please check with the Owner first if you want to offer to repair before returning so they can approve the repair plans

How do I know when the item was damaged?

  • Owners: We recommend photographing/inspecting the item right before it is sent out, and require damage to be reported to us upon its return within 48 hours*

  • Renters: We recommend photographing/inspecting the item immediately upon receiving it, and reporting initial damage/stains/scent (not ready to wear) within 12 hours*

*If damage is reported outside of this time frame, we will no longer be able to compensate you

Damage best practices

  • Owners should always note/photograph the condition of their item before it is shared to prevent any discrepancies. Refer to our Owner's Guide for more tips.

  • Renters should always note/photograph the condition an item arrives in to prevent any discrepancies. If an item comes with some minor wear, its best to take a few photos or to send the Owner a message to give them a heads up.

  • Report damage to the Owner before returning their item. Clear communication helps build more trust and productivity in the process of reconciling damage.

  • Owners should be transparent about damage costs to the Renter as soon as they receive quotes. Its best if this process is handled quickly after the return

  • Renters can offer to have an item repaired prior to returning the item. Do not clean or repair without the Owner's permission, as this might alter and damage the item.

  • An item that just needs to be cleaned is not considered damaged as cleaning costs should be calculated into the rental price. If cleaning costs go beyond general dry-cleaning costs, contact the Renter. (For example, the normal cost of dry cleaning does not cover the large red wine stain and might require additional costs).

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