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Cleaning Guide

This guide is the go-to for all cleaning FAQ's

Updated over a week ago

Who is in charge of cleaning?

Owners are responsible for cleaning their items unless otherwise noted. This is to ensure items are cleaned using their preferred method.

My item came back dirty from the Renter, what should I do?

This is natural! The item will need to be washed after it is worn by the Renter and to ensure it is ready for the next rental. Please follow the cleaning instructions on the tag

I received a dirty item from the Owner, what should I do?

If your rental arrives dirty and/or not as described, you are of course eligible for a refund. Please reach out to both the Owner and Pickle Support with pictures

My item is expensive to dry clean, can I request additional costs from the Renter?

We understand some dry clean only items may be expensive to dry clean. We recommend factoring dry cleaning costs into your rental price. If the item requires additional cleaning past "normal" dry cleaning, the Renter will then be required to cover the additional costs.

I stained the Owner's item, what should I do?

If you feel as though the item needs to be immediately cleaned or would like to clean an item before returning, contact the Owner to confirm the preferred cleaning process.

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