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Fit Refunds

This guide will cover all fit related questions

Updated over a week ago

Here are some tips to help find an item that fits you perfectly!

What if my rental doesn't fit?

You can request a fit refund from the Owner right in the Pickle App! Please note: All fit refunds are processed in the form of Pickle Credits.

In the overview page of the rental, you can scroll down and request a refund-

You can then select the requested refund amount with a reason for the Owner to approve or decline. We always encourage leaving a note!

Some Owners might decline or grant partial refunds if they do not allow fit refunds.

How can I best ensure that an item will fit me?

  • Don't hesitate to message the Owner before putting out an offer to ask about measurement! Most Owner's are happy to answer questions about their items.

    • You can send them a DM from their Closet page

  • Refer to the sizing guidance on the brand's website.

    • Example: finding the dress you want to rent on Reformation's website (if current) and looking at the measurements provided and or reviews on how the item runs.

How can I search for only my size?

When you set up your Pickle account, we ask for your sizing details so we can curate the best possible options for you to shop from. You can easily remove and select new sizes in the filters on the Shop tab.

I see an item I really like but don't see it in my size

Let us know! Our Pickle Stylists love to be on the lookout for pieces that our Renters want, and we often put out polls on Pickle's Instagram to get inspo, so be on the lookout for those!

The size of the item is different in the listing than it is on the tag:

We encourage Owners to list the actual size of the item and add a note if it runs larger/smaller or if it was altered in any way. If this wasn't disclosed and the item is not as described, you are eligible for a refund.

My item is not as described

If your item does not arrive ready to wear, refer to our Refunds page for more details.

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