Social Media Tips
Updated over a week ago

Sharing your Pickle Closet on social media platforms drives additional rentals to your closet! Here are some best practices to naturally work your Pickle Closet into your socials:

  • Share your closet link with your followers on social media so they can subscribe to you on Pickle!

    • Pickle subscribers will be notified when you upload new items to your closet!

    • Pickle Owners with more subscribers get highlighted more often

  • Tag Pickle on Instagram and TikTok when you post your Pickle rentals! We love to repost :)

  • Posting an outfit thats in your Pickle Closet? Share the link! This typically drives a few quick rentals from your followers :)

  • Engage with your followers! Ask them which pieces they might be interested in renting!

  • If you're an active content creator or influencer, please DM us on Instagram if you're interested in collaborating :) We love to gift rental credits in exchange for social media promotions!

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