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How to Ship

We use USPS Priority Shipping which generally will deliver in 2-3 days

  1. Locate the QR code or shipping label at the bottom of the order page

  2. Go to your local USPS and find a self service kiosk. Click Other Services and then Label Broker to scan the QR code and print a label

    1. If you have already printed your shipping label you can skip this step

  3. Grab a pre-paid USPS Priority Shipping box (this is the red box) and place your label on the box

  4. Seal the box and you should be good to go!

Shipping Overview


  • Deliveries should be mailed at least 3 days before the start of the rental period to ensure the item arrives on time

  • A tracking link will be available on the order page once an item has been shipped

  • If an item arrives late (including delays by USPS) the renter is eligible for a refund


  • Returns should be mailed on or before the last day of the rental period

  • A tracking link will be available on the order page once an item has been shipped


I don't want shipping as a delivery method on my closet, how do I turn it off?

If you do not want shipping to be a potential delivery method for your Renters, reach out to the team and we will toggle off shipping in your delivery preferences!

How can I ensure my shipment arrives on time?

While USPS delays are out of our control, the fastest way to ship 3+ days before the rental period starts/ends at a USPS location using the materials provided by Pickle. Delays often occur when handing to an office/building manager or other courier service.

What if I can't find my package?

If your package arrives and you can't find it, look at the delivery guidelines on the tracking, which will often indicate if it was left in a mailbox, lobby, front porch, etc. If it still isn't there, call USPS at 800-275-8777, they will be able to direct you to the best local post office to call, or provide more information about the delivery!

I received my rental late, wasn't able to wear the item, and am no longer at the delivery address it was shipped to-

If your rental arrives late due to USPS delays and you are not able to accept the package (ex: you rented an item for a trip and already departed), please arrange for a trusted contact to keep the package safe until your return and promptly communicate with the Owner that you will not be able to return the package within the next business day (as outlined in our return policy).

Additional Information

  • Pickle is not liable for items lost or damaged during the shipping process

    • We currently only allow items under $1K in retail value to be shipped while we work on enhanced insurance

    • USPS only covers up to $100 in replacement costs when filing a claim about a lost item

  • Do not ship outside of the app, we are not able to help track the item or keep Renters/Owners accountable for late items if we don't have the shipping record

  • All shipping expenses are pre-paid by the renter

  • To select shipping, the need by date must be 3+ days in the future

  • If you are printing a shipping label, make sure to bring tape!

Best Used When

  • The Owner is not located in your area

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