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How to use the Pickle Courier option for deliveries and returns

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Courier Overview

Choosing the Courier method means the item is delivered same-day, right to your door! You can think of this like the Uber Eats of clothing

Pickle is not liable for the item after it is delivered to the address listed on the order*


  • The Renter will select a few time slots that are best for them to receive the item

  • The Owner will confirm a time slot. If the time needs to be moved, make sure to coordinate through Pickle messages. The Renter will need to confirm any updated time slots in order for the courier to be sent for the pick up

  • A courier will pick up from the owner and deliver right to the Renter!*


  • If an Owner does not have a doorman, both sides can propose some time slots for the item to be returned. This can be done on the order page. Note: If the Owner's building has a doorman, a return can be scheduled when most convenient for the Renter

  • The return slot will be confirmed by both users. If the time needs to be moved, make sure to coordinate through Pickle messages.

  • A courier will pick up from the Renter and return right to the Owner!**

    **Please note: If you ask your building staff to manage your deliveries/returns, you are responsible for any misplaced or incorrect items handed over to the courier.

Scheduling a Courier

  • Delivery: Renters can select desired delivery times when submitting an offer. If an Owner selects a different time than one the Renter proposed, the Renter must then confirm the new time

  • Return: If the Owner has a doorman, the Renter can schedule a return when most convenient for them. If no doorman, then the Renter and Owner can propose times that will work for the return

    • Late returns can only be scheduled up to one day in the future. If you need an extension, please get permission from the Owner and reach out to our team

  • To Schedule or Propose a time slot for a courier, you can go to the order page and click the button in the What's Next section

Changing a Delivery Address

If you would like your courier delivery to go to a different address than what is listed:

  1. You must add the new address to the "Manage Addresses" section of your profile in the "My Closet" tab. If you do not add it here first, the change will not be reflected!

2. Once the address is added, go to the Offer that requires the address change and select the address that you want to send it to by clicking "update".

Please note: Once the courier is on their way, the address change will not be reflected! To avoid this, make sure to update the address at least 30 minutes prior to delivery.

Changing Delivery/Return Method

  • If you want to change your return method, you can view the other return options by clicking "Change" next to the Delivery or Return Method on the order page. Check out the options here!

Can my doorman manage my deliveries/returns?

Yes, your building staff can accept and hand off your deliveries/returns. Some helpful tips in ensuring they are handled smoothly-

  • Explain to your doorman of how Pickle works! Sometimes renting clothing in a similar style to food delivery can be confusing! :)

  • Note in your delivery instructions that your doorman has permission to sign for you (including your unit and name)

  • Label the bags with the name of the Renter/Owner so the doorman knows which item to hand off to the courier

As noted above: If you ask your building staff to manage your deliveries, you are responsible for any misplaced or incorrect items handed over to the courier.

My item was delivered to the wrong address

Pickle is not responsible for items that were delivered to an address that was not updated prior to the delivery. To avoid this-

  • Make sure to update your address in both the Managed Addresses section and any open offers to ensure your current address is being used

    • Example: You moved to a new apartment and forgot to reflect the new address on your open offers and the item was delivered to your old building

  • We suggest calling an Uber Package to retrieve an item that was delivered to the incorrect address

*If the courier incorrectly delivers your item to the wrong location, the Pickle team will help recover and re-deliver the item

Additional Information

  • Missing a delivery more than once will result in a failed delivery charge to ensure the Pickle team can quickly call another courier to re-attempt your delivery

  • If you believe an item was incorrectly delivered, it needs to be reported to the Pickle team within 4 days to ensure we can solve your case efficiently

  • If you have multiple deliveries/returns in the same time slot, we often send more than one courier, so be sure to look at the name on the courier's phone to match the item before handing it off! We charge a fee to cover additional trips needed when items are swapped.

  • The courier will generally pick up within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled time slot unless otherwise requested

    • There may be delays due to high demand, inclement weather, etc.

  • The person receiving the delivery/return will receive a tracking link when the delivery is on the way! Make sure to have your phone off DND in case the courier needs to reach you

  • SIGNATURE REQUIRED: in order to ensure the safety of our Owners items, we require a signature to complete the delivery. If the courier is not able to collect a signature, they will return the item to the pick up location

  • Items must be placed in a bag to be safely delivered and to be covered by our Pickle Protection policy

  • Returns should be scheduled on or before the last day of the rental period to avoid late fees

Best Used When

  • You need same day delivery! We can have a courier deployed as soon as an Owner accepts an offer

  • You are unable to meet for an exchange

  • The Owner is within a 15-mile radius of your location

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