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Closet Best Practices
Closet Best Practices
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Your closet is your storefront! Make sure your rentals are clean, ready to wear, and properly described. This will help keep your reviews and Closet score high, leading to more rentals!

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Your item needs to arrive ready to wear. This means:

    • The item is clean.

    • The item is packaged nicely by neatly folding it into a bag that the Renter can use to return your item :)

    • The item is as described (including the correct sizes that are listed on the tags).

  • Good communication goes a long way! Make sure to respond to your messages about your items in timely manner!

    • If you are traveling/unavailable for certain rental periods please add Vacations to your profile. You can access Vacation Management on the Settings Gear in your Closet tab.

  • Include your cleaning costs in the price of your items!

    • Per Pickle's cleaning policy, the Owner is responsible for cleaning their items upon their return. If the Renter receives an item that wasn't cleaned, they have the right to get a full refund and the Owner will be charged for any delivery costs.

  • Try to be as flexible as possible in working with the Renter on delivery/return times :)

  • Do your best to avoid cancelling rentals after you've already accepted them! Cancellations are disappointing for renters so if you do need to cancel please send them a personal message to explain the situation.

    • NOTE: We understand things happen, but multiple cancellations will hurt your closet score.

Additional Tips

  • Add a clear profile picture of yourself :)

  • Write a fun bio that encourages your renters to rent from you

    • Example: "Welcome to my closet! Feel free to make me an offer and chat with me anytime! (insert heart)"

  • Link your social media profiles!

  • Respond as fast as you can to offers (Accept, Decline, or Counter) to keep your Closet Score high! Letting offers expire will hurt your score.

  • In your listings try to always include pictures of YOU in the item!!

    • It's helpful for people to see an item on a "real" person instead of the staged model photos.

  • Upload your FAVORITE pieces!! These are the items that are likely in highest demand among renters :) See below for types of items / brands to upload

  • Upload 25+ products to your closet to potentially have your closet highlighted on both Pickle and our social media. Reach out to the @styledbypickle account to ask about a highlight!

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