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Why can't I select a delivery option?
Why can't I select a delivery option?
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Delivery options are available based on an Owners preferred delivery methods, proximity to an Owner, or rental period dates. Here are some reasons why each delivery method might NOT be available


  • You are located outside of the Owners delivery radius (15 miles)

  • The owner has elected to only do in person Hand Offs

  • Our delivery slots might have closed for the evening (this is only applicable for same day deliveries submitted after 8pm local time)

  • You are located in a different borough split up by water*

*Example: our NYC courier service does not go from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Hand Off

  • The owner has elected to only do either courier or shipping deliveries


  • The owner has elected to not allow shipping offers

  • Your rental period is too soon. Shipping offers must be submitted with a need by date at least 3 days in the future to allow time for shipping

  • The item has a retail value over $1,000

What can I do?

  • Check the zip code of the Owner to see if you are in their delivery radius! Generally this is within 15 miles, excluding any major blockers such as bodies of water

  • Message the Owner to see if they have any restrictions on delivery from their closet!

  • Change your address! If you are looking to have a courier deliver the item, you can have it delivered to a work address or friends address that is within the Owners delivery radius. To do so, go into Settings > Manage Addresses > Add New Address.

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