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Welcome to Pickle! We're excited to help you learn more about the returns process to ensure all of our Picklers have a seamless experience!

Returns Best Practices

  • Plan your return slot in advance to avoid late fees

    • If you are returning using the hand-off method, propose and agree on a plan in advance to ensure both parties are able to be present for the return

  • Fold the item and place it in the same bag as it was delivered to you in

  • If there is anything the Owner should know about their item upon its return, we suggest you communicate with them prior so there are no surprises :)

  • Be available for the entirety of your 2 hour confirmed return slot

Returns FAQ's

  • How do I change my return slot as a renter for Pickle Courier delivery?

    • You will be able to change your return slot until the Owner confirms your selected times. If you need to change your slot after it has been confirmed, you will need to message the owner to select a different window.

  • When should I expect my return as a renter to be picked up by a delivery rep?

    • You can expect your return to be picked up in the first 30 minutes of your agreed time slot (weather/availability permitting), but we suggest you plan to be home during your slot to ensure a smooth process.

  • I can't get in contact with a Pickler to arrange a return

    • We suggest using the bump feature in the messenger (if you haven't already) if you have an issue arranging your return. If you still can't get in contact, message us ASAP and we will send a gentle reminder to help prompt the return.

  • My item was returned damaged

    • Refer to our damage article so we can help you fix this!

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