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Delivery Process Overview

Information about delivery options and the delivery process

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Welcome to Pickle! Our goal is to provide affordable and convenient access to exactly what you want to wear 😊 Here are the different delivery options and how each works:

  • Delivery: After an offer is accepted, our Pickle delivery reps will pick up the item from the Owner during the delivery slot and deliver it right to your door!

    • In order to ensure safety of our Owners items, we require a signature from either you, a roommate, or a doorman for the item πŸ’š

  • Return: At the end of your rental period you will schedule a pick up time slot. A Pickle delivery rep will come pick up the item from you or your doorman and return it to the Owner

  • Delivery: You and the Owner should coordinate a time and location for the exchange. Generally, Owners will ask you to come to/near their apartment to pick up the item from either them or their doorman.

  • Return: You and the Owner will coordinate another time and location for the return. If you are unable to return the item yourself, you can always schedule a return by the Pickle delivery team (only available if you are in the Owners delivery radius) and the cost will be calculated based on distance)

Once you receive the item you will have to mark it as delivered/returned on Pickle in order to confirm it has been received and to trigger the payment to the Owner or the end of the rental.

Note: Pickle is not liable for any items left unattended during the exchange. Please make sure you hand the item to the other user or their doorman

We use USPS Priority Shipping and provide a pre-paid QR code/shipping label (will be available at the bottom of the order page) and a pre-paid Priority Shipping box (the red box). Deliveries should be mailed at least 3 days before the start of the rental periods. Returns should be shipped back on the last day of the rental period.

  • QR Code: You can scan the QR code at a USPS self-service kiosk to print a label. Select Other Services and then Label Broker to scan the QR code

  • Shipping Label: You can print a shipping label to tape to the Priority Shipping box at a USPS (don't forget to bring tape 😊)

Note: Pickle is not liable for any items lost or damaged during the shipping process


Other Notes

  • Renters are responsible for all delivery costs

  • If a delivery option is not available, see why here

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning the items. If you do wish to clean the item after wearing it, please make sure you reach out to the Owner and read the cleaning instructions on the tag to make sure the item is cleaned properly

  • If you notice anything wrong with the item when it’s delivered (i.e. dirty, damage, etc.) please message Pickle within 12 hours of delivery. We will review the case and provide a full refund after confirming the damages. After 12 hours we will not be able to provide a refund.

  • For returns, please write the name of the Owner on the back of the label attached to the bag the item was delivered in (if applicable)

  • We understand accidents happen and an item might be damaged. If so, please reach out to the Owner to give them a heads up. Renters are liable for up to 5x the rental price in damages.

  • An item will be deemed stolen if it is not returned within a week after the rental period ends and you will be charged for the full retail value of the item.

  • If you have any other questions feel free to shoot us a message!

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