How to Upload
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How to Upload Items to your closet:

  1. Head to the "My Closet" tab to get started.

  2. Press the (+) button to add a new item to your closet.

  3. Add a Title

    • We recommend including the brand's name to help renters easily search for your item

    • Example: Rat and Boa Adrianna Dress

  4. Upload high quality photos

    • In addition to photos from the retail site, upload photos of you/a friend wearing the item so the renter can get a realistic idea of how it fits :)

      • NOTE: Items listed with photos of the item on your body will get rented more frequently

  5. Add product details. Please be as specific as possible with sizing, color, seasonality, condition, etc.

    • NOTE: if something fits differently than the size listed on the tag, please label the actual size on the tag and use the description field to add specifics around fit :)

  6. Submit your item to the collection you'd like to see it featured in!

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